Murat Saraçoglu was born in November 8th 1970 in Istanbul. He graduated from Istanbul University Journalism– Radio and Television. Afterward, he became an assistant director. Then he began directing the series ‘Çiçek Taksi’ in 1995.


He made many successful series such as “Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları”, “Karagül”, “Yanık Koza”. He also made important cinema films like “120”, “O… Çocukları”, “Deli Deli Olma”,”72. Koğuş”, ”Memleket”


The movie called “72. Koğuş”, which he directed, was awarded the Public Jury Award at the 16th Nuremberg Cinema Festival in 2011.


In 1999, he was awarded with Yasar Nabi Nayir Story Award, with his storybook called “Salacak- Harem”.


Our adventure, started in 2013 with a pure horse love. Firstly we participated in races with our purebreds, then we started to establish a stud farm in 2016 and became operational in 2017.


Our primary goal is to improve the quality and strength of Turkish horse racing and to train better racehorses. In this direction, We are constantly striving to improve our breeding farm and our staff.


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